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We Would Like To Send Out A Very Warm Welcome To All Of Our New Karate Families!


We Are Glad You Are Here!!



Beau M.        2nd

Lerin N.         3rd

Hayden W.    5th

Zachary Z.     5th

Zachary F.     6th

Isaac C.         10th

Sarah Grace S. 12th

Isabella C.      18th

Katelyn M.      19th

Matthew W.     20th

Jason W.         20th

Luke G.            22nd

Cade G.            23rd

Collins M.         30th

Brady Z.            30th



Student Of The Month: Jayden L.

Outstanding Dedication: Donovan M.

Excellent Form: Isaac C.

Excellent Sparring: Zacharia M.


Congratulations to Heath C. On earning the April Good Work Prize award and Trey B. On earning the April Good Behavior Prize award, Way to go!! 


Congratulations To The Following Students At Recent Tournaments: Please Congratulate These Students When You See Them!!!

Goodwill Tournament, Beaufort, SC 2/23/19

Ethan C- 3rd Weapons, 1st Forms, 3rd Sparring

Larry C. - 1st Weapons, 1st Forms, 1st Sparring

Kael G. - 3rd Weapons, 1st Forms, 3rd Sparring

Kagan G.- 2nd Weapons, 3rd Forms, 4th Sparring


Sharkfest Tournament, Myrtle Beach, SC 3/2/19

Owen G. - 3rd Weapons, 2nd Forms, 2nd Sparring

Zacharia M. - 1st Weapons, 3rd Forms, 3rd Sparring

Kelsi R.P.-  1st Weapons, 1st Forms, 1st Sparring

Mackenzie R.P.- 2nd Weapons, 3rd Forms, 3rd Sparring


Congratulations To The Following Little Ninja Students On Their Graduation To The Karate Kids Program We Are Proud Of You Guys!!

Trey B.

Tommy C.

Barron H.

Mason F.

Idris M.

Beau M. 

Congratulations to the following students on their recent belt rank promotions: 

Jr. Yellow:  

Beau M. 

Adult Green:

Matthew B.

Evan D.

Adult Red: 

Matthew E.  

Jeremy W.

Sarah W.

We Have Updated Our Birthday Card Delivery Format To Automated Email. Please Watch For Your Card Online! Be Sure To Bring In A Copy Of Your Card To Receive Your 25% Discount On Your Merchandise!


Please Be Sure To Click On The Word Of The Month/ Topic Of The Month Tab, Print It Out, And Go Over The Information With Your Children Each Month. Please Remember, The Martial Arts Are For Expanding Your Knowledge And Developing A Strong Mind As Well As Learning To Kick And Punch!

Please Also Be Sure To Click On The Events Tab For All Upcoming Events And Important Dates To Remember Here At Low Country Karate. Thank You!

Parents: Please Be Sure To Have Your Children Practice Their Karate Most Days Of The Week. The Rule Of Thumb Is To Practice 5 Minutes Per Belt Rank. For Example: White Belts: 5 Minutes, Jr. Yellow Belts: 10 Minutes Etc... Please Remember That Trying To Cram 6 Months Of Practice Time Into A Month Because Belt Test Time Is Upon Us Won't Work. It Takes Consistency To Be Assured To Be Invited To Belt Test.