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Larry Casby

Larry Casby  photo Larry Casby

Larry Casby, Brown Belt Instructor

Mr. Larry Casby grew up watching Black Belt theater in a house full of Korean culture. He couldn't wait until his parents allowed him to start studying Martial Arts at the age of 12. He took three years of Tae Kwon Do, and was forced to move just before achieving his Black Belt. Out of convenience, he made the cross over to Tang So Do after his move, and was an assistant instructor for the next two years. Once again he had to leave just before achieving his Black Belt. Martial Arts was made part of his culture, and the quest for his Black Belt has been a life long ambition for Larry.

Larry has been married to Allyson for 15 years and has a 10 year old son Ethan that has been training at Low Country Karate for 6 years. His full time job is a Director of IT in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Larry will be earning his Black Belt later this year!!